Blocking Light
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Blocking Light
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those who serve.
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Blocking Light


Lamda Guard Inc. develops state-of-the-art optically transparent thin-films using metamaterials, also known as nano-composites, that selectively block light from specific colors or wavelengths. These thin-films could be applied to virtually any glass or clear plastic surface (e.g. eyewear, protective goggles, windscreens, etc.) to block hazardous laser light aimed at aircraft cockpits, pilots, law enforcement personnel and for people who work with high intensity laser light sources.

Lamda Guard's technology is unique

Lamda Guard’s metamaterial technology can block multiple laser colors simultaneously (e.g. green and blue) and do not interfere with visibility. Its technology has higher optical transparency and can block light from wider angles. Existing laser protection solutions including, safety goggles, glare shields and reflectors, are not effective because they interfere with night-time vision as well as cockpit and runway indicators, additionally they usually do not offer protection from more than one laser color at the same time.

Airplane manufacturers and airlines can be the first to benefit from this technology by offering flight crews full protection from the threat of laser attacks during flight. Prototypes with broadband and narrowband filtering have been successfully manufactured and tested. Production techniques for larger coverage areas, with consideration for large scale manufacturing, are currently under development and approaching completion.

Why laser attacks are a growing concern

Laser attacks are a serious safety and security hazard as lasers can damage a pilot’s eyes and cause temporary blindness during critical phases of flight such as landing and take-off. Learn more about these risks at

A recent report issued by the FBI cited a dramatic increase in laser strike incidents in the United States alone. Growing from roughly 300 strikes in 2005 to nearly 4000 in 2013, a 1,273% increase. According to the FAA there were 3,960 aircraft laser strike incidents in 2013. This constitutes an average of almost 11 per day. The report can be found here.

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Nanostructured Optical Interference Filters for Aviation Security


Nanostructured Optical Interference Filters for Aviation Security

Custom Solutions

Nano-structured metamaterials applied to your specific application.